Custom Earrings

Our goal is to offer interesting items that reflect the character of Canada native,open spaces and traditional cultures, all Earrings are Custom made and we can make your requirements.

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For any orders email or call us while our online store is being built. 519-216-8174

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Dream Catchers

The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through.
We have pre-made and we do custom orders what ever color or design you want

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Global Native Arts has been a fixture in downtown sudbury for a few years and for the last 3 years it is in situated in Orangeville Ontario. Visitors from the Barrie area as well as Toronto areas have relied on us for the best selection of native Indian art and crafts, especially dream catures, native made leather moccasins, hand-crafted pottery and jewellery, clothing, leather goods, carvings and more. Now in our second generation of service, we are in the process to offer our unique selection of goods world-wide. An excellent selection of Indian Native leather moccasins, stay tuned for updates and our lunch date.

Indian leather moccasins, porcupine quill baskets, native art, headdresses, dream catchers, medicine wheels, dance fans, native leather & fur clothing, Iroquois masks, peace pipes, shakers, native art & crafts and more!

What customers are saying

Kayla Dee – Grimsby, Ontario

I highly recommend this! Everyone is friendly and very knowledgable. It is clear that A Lot of love goes into the work. It was such a unique experience discovering this shop. It was a pleasure meeting Gill and everyone, I definitely walked out inspired, with a fresh perception. Thank you for the amazing experience and for providing information and quality craftwork



Nomination for the 2014 Business Excellence Awards

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