DSC00963Global Native Crafts, under the wing of: ‘ Seven Crows ‘ Lyle Milroy, Medicine Man creates custom Native American Traditional Style Art & Crafts for all Circles of Life. We are working out of Orangeville, ON Canada and always travelling to a craft show, or other places to show case our traditional arts and crafts . From one of a kind dream catchers to generations made from willow – brass rings wrapped with hide,  peace pipes, antler carvings, moccasins, jewelry, and many other special items for your Spiritual needs as well for your special collection. What we do carry that you do not see on a regular basis: one of a kind mother nature picture’s, let alone the wildlife – wolfs, cubs, eagles and much much more. You will be more then amazed, breath taken away all on camera.

As for medicine in stock: Cedar, Sage, Sweet Grass, Tobacco. Wishing to have a custom medicine bag made of buffalo, deer or to your desire we also specialize in as well.  The other herbs which we have none stock now, please email us to what interest so we can put you on the list.


Global Native Crafts does Superior Quality Workmanship NOT Quanity. Vests, Dream Catchers, Necklace etc., are built to your specific. Either for: Healing purposes,  Pleasure and Comfort, Respect or Spiritual,  We at Global Native Art Respect and Care Your interest!!     We guarentee the quality of our product and look forward to customize your Native American Traditional Style.